Airwear Polycarbonate
Virtually unbreakable and lighter than regular lenses, airwear lenses are the ultimate choice for every life style. they are 12 times stronger, 43% lighter and 25% thinner than standard plastic lenses and includes 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Varilux Progressive
Varilux lenses are designed to give natural HD vision whatever the distance and whatever the age.  It allows you to see near far and everything in between.  varilux works with any prescription and every type of frame even the skinny ones you like so much.

Transitions become as dark as most sunglasses outdoors and are clear indoors and at night. It reduces glare, improves contrast, reduces eye fatigue and includes 100% UV protection.

Crizal Non Glare
Crizal improves contrast by 20% which improves your visual acuity so you can see clearly even at night.  it provides you with clearer vision by reducing glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water. It helps eliminate symptoms like tired eyes, headaches and blurred vision which can be caused by computers and fluroscent lights.

Hi-Index Ultra Thin Lenses
In most instances hi-index lenses are 20-65% thinner and are beneficial to patients with moderate to strong prescriptions who wish to avoid thick, heavy and unsightly lenses.  They can fit into neat and fashionable frames while reducing the eyes magnification or minification.

Essilor Computer Lenses
8 out of 10 people experience visual fatigue syndrome on a daily basis which includes symptoms such as tired eyes, eyestrain, headache, neck and back pain.  These lenses are designed with a larger intermediate area and allows a more comfortable visual experience for those who work long hours on the computer or participate  in “close up” activities  like working on small devices, playing an instrument, sewing or reading.

Polarized Lenses
Although darkly tinted sunglasses may reduce brightness, they do not remove glare like a polarized lens.  xperio polarized lenses are superior to ordinary tints with benefits that include 100% UV protection, glare reduction, true color perception, unmatched clarity of vision and superior scratch resistance.  Drivers wearing polarized sunglasses react up to 40% more quickly with shorter, safer stoping distances than those wearing non polarized sunglasses.

Essilor Anti-Fatigue Lenses
Essilor Anti-Fatigue lens has a specific correction or boost zone at the bottom part of the lens which helps your eye focus more easily at near. This lens has been proven to reduce visual fatigue by 50%. It is designed for anyone under 40 who is experiencing eye starin when focusing on near task such as the computer, I pad, phone or reading.