How to be a Healthy Contact Lens Wearer


1. Choose  an eye doctor that has experience in fitting contact lenses.  Also, someone whom you feel comfortable asking questions and discussing the pros and cons of contacts lenses.

2. Keep all of your follow up appointments with your doctor once you have been fitted with contact lenses, and always call the office between follow ups if you have any questions.

3. Not wearing your contact lenses as prescribed can lead to serious eye infections.  Do not sleep with your contact lenses in or wear them for longer than the disposable time.

4. Clean your contact lenses regularly to avoid surface build up of oily film and protein deposits.  This build up can often lead to discomfort, blurry vision, and eye infections.

5. Every time you remove your contact lenses from the case: throw away the old solution, clean the case with warm tap water and let dry;  Add fresh solution each time before storing your contact lenses.

6. If you are a parent of a new contact lens wearer, consider disposable contact lenses.  By using disposable contacts lenses your child will not need to wash and store their contact lenses which decreases the chance of infection.

7. It is important to wear sunglasses over your contact lenses to protect the eyes from UV exposure.  It is also recommended to wear safety glasses when needed to shield the eye from flying objects or chemicals.

8. Avoid any eye make-up or lotions getting into your eye and irritating them by putting your contact lenses on BEFORE applying anything else to your face around your eyes.

9. Read the directions on your saline solution before using.  Always follow the steps closely on how to clean your contact lenses.  Discontinue your saline solution and switch to a different brand if you experience burning.

10. Always carry a storage case and saline for emergency use.  Remove your contact lenses and contact your eye doctor immediately if you experience any discomfort.